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Photos Of Homeless People With Rich Hearts And Their Dogs

With the current economical situation in many countries, people suffer from poverty, and some end up being homeless. They have no choice to give up their houses and live in tents and out on the street. A lot of people look at their financial and social statuses and judge them. But a human should not be judged by such worldly things, they should be judged by their hearts and how good humans they are.

This article is about a collection of photos of homeless people who are rich in their hearts. Even though they have to struggle and go through garbage to mend their daily lives, these wholesome people make sure to take care of their best buddy; their dog. You heard it right, these homeless people, even if they do not have a home or the things that a regular person has, they still have a treasure with them who gives them unconditional love. 

This very adorable, heartwarming, and homely love is spotted and captured by the Brazilian photographer named Edu Leporo. He has taken to the streets of Brazil where there are a lot of homeless people, dwelling around the cities with no source of stable income to get themselves a home.

This project was started in 2012 and he has been documenting this very close bond between these humans and their best friends for some time now. It is very admirable to see that dogs do not care about the money spent or the facilities they receive, they give their owners unconditional love and affection even if they live on the streets.

He released his first set of photos as a project in 2015 and he continues with it while this project funds the health, safety, and protection of these doggos who live with their owners on the street.

We have collected a set of photos of his projects below. You can scroll down and upvote on your favorites while checking these adorable photos out. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

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