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Hilarious Photoshop Editor Trolls Online Requests Again

We all know the quote that goes like ” With great power come greater responsibilities”. But did anyone tell you the quote about “With photoshop skill comes greater trolling”? Well if you didn’t know it, this article will show you what that exactly means.

Photoshop editing and photo manipulation is a process that takes time and focus to master. A lot of photographers use this software to make the ‘retouches’ on their photos to make them ‘perfect’. But some people can get creative and use this tool to have a bit of fun, like this guy;  James Fridman. He is a popular photo editor on social media who is known for his notorious edits. What he does, is that he takes in photo edit requests people and take the requests way too seriously and edit them in a really funny manner.

This has turned into a hype on social media that people are willingly sending out requests to see how James comes up with it. At the end of the day, it is important that this trolling happens with people who allow it. That makes no one uncomfortable while every one of us has a good laugh at James’ edits.

Even if these trolling edits are meant to be funny, this editor executes them quite well. Being a technically sound person with a good sense of humor is a pretty good combo. So, we thought of sharing some of this guy’s hilarious and creative photo edits below this article, again. If you want to check out more work of James, you can read it here.

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More info & Photo courtesy: James Fridman | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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