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28 Photos Of The Treasured Plitvice Lakes In Croatia

Nature has its own amazing ways of creating amazing structures and naturally built wonders. One of such things that everybody loves all over the world is waterfalls. Even though they are just water falling down from an elevated place, the fall, splash, the scening shapes it takes and the entire scene is breathtaking. It is so good that some people actually travel across countries just to witness a waterfall with their own eyes.

In the Kapela Mountains in Croatia, there is a series of lakes that creates a bunch of waterfalls and they are some of the most amazing creation of nature you will see. This set of lakes are very beautifully arranged in a shape of a garland and they are known all over the world as the Plitvice Lakes. The karst processes which build up limestone structures have created some beautiful waterfalls that are pleasing to the eye and Tamas Dombora Toth made a visit to these lakes this Autumn to check out their beauty in the fall.

The set of lakes consists of 16 small lakes which spread over a little less than a mile. So if you make it to Croatia, to visit these Plitvice lakes, your eyes are in for quite a treat. Speaking about Tamas, he is an awesome photographer who travels to capture some of the world’s coolest things on his camera. He stated on Bored Panda that these lakes were on his bucket list since he first visited them in the winter. Now he captured them on camera in its Autumn glory, for us to see.

Back to talking about these waterfalls. These structures and falls that are all across these bunch of lakes are created with structures of limestone. So, this is a continuing process that doesn’t stop as long as the water keeps flowing. So, everything you visit these falls, you will get to see a different set of waterfalls due to the ever-changing structures of limestone.

So, without further ado check out the amazing photos that Tamas has captured below. Scroll down to check out the list of photos we collected for you and let us know what you think about this nature’s beauty.

More info & Photo courtesy: Tamas Dombora TothInstagram


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