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Plus Size Models Dress Up As Disney Princesses To Create Social Awareness On Body Positivity

This message goes out to every human on this Planet; you are beautiful in the very state you are right now. There is no static to be beautiful. Every human should be accepted as one without any exception or filter. The plus size models have been trying to break through these borders for some time now. With the arrival of the internet and social media, a lot of people got to express their ideas to other people all over the world without it being altered by any third party.

So, being enhanced with that very medium, here are a set of plus sized models who are dressed up as Disney princesses to give out a message to the world that they are just the same as everyone else. The #PlusSizePrincessProject has been uniting the plus size models on Instagram to show us as a Disney princess since even though they are the most noticeable people, they still do not get enough attention or acceptance by the mass media. Natasha Polis has posted on Instagram on this matter, while Michaela McGrady and her sister explained to Bored Panda how challenging life has been from their childhood, with their body size.

This social media movement has caught the attention of a lot of people since these models have collaborated under the same hashtag. So, now more than before, people are united and accept diversity into the society. The social norms and fake standards should be taken down while the society should treat every human being as one. 

Here are some of these beautiful women who posed as Disney princesses. Please share your thoughts on this matter and follow their social media accounts for more information.

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