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Police Sketches Faces Of Character's In Books

The characters that we meet in movies have been created in books since most of the stories are based on books. Before movies came out, the books used our imagination to create the story and the characters by making descriptions about them.

This idea of a writer being able to create visual imagery of an entire set of people, scenarios, and a story just by using words is an amazing ability to do so. The filmmaker and artist  Brian Joseph Davis was amazed by this ability and he decided to go forward with it, to prove that this is very true and it is how filmmakers try to choose their actors when they create a movie on those books.

For this, he used police sketching software, one which is publicly available of course. He created a set of characters in sketches by only feeding the words that the author of the book has written down. He has come to a satisfying end where he has collected these sketches into a series called “The Composites“. Most of his sketches turned out to resemble the characters that are played in the movie, suggesting that the producers have hired and dressed up the actors in that specific way. Somehow, a small number of sketches turned out to have a bit of difference from the original description. But however the changes are, these characters in the movies played their role in a very successful manner.

He will continue to make other collections of sketches based on characters described in words. He is very excited to check out the character’s sketches that are based on the description and see if it is the same as his and its extension as the movie character.

A lot of people were amazed to see how the literal descriptions create such sketches which are mostly identical to the characters that are played in the movies. We have listed a set of these pictures in comparison to the actors below, you can scroll down to check them out. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: The Composites | Brian J. Davis


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