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Pop Culture Scenes Placed In Real Life Using Only A Phone

The development of technology, computers, smart devices, and software running on them made every single job easier and efficient. But art and other creative industries had an amazing growth with it, opening up the digital avenues of art.

Newer jobs, creations, and forms of art were created with the digitalization of the world. Art skyrocketed in its capabilities and digital art has created awesome things ever since. But no matter how much technology powers up the process, creativity and artistry comes within a mind. Even though creativity can turn out to be a single thought, it can be a seed to initiate an astonishing art.

In the modern world of art, digital editing and photo manipulations are used all the time to create and develop art. But you can still create crazy artwork even without using any of the photo manipulation software. Can you believe that you can combine scenes of Pop culture without digitally editing it? Well, there is one guy to show you how to do it.

Meet Yahav Draizin, an Israel-based artist who creates amazing combinations of pop culture with real-life scenes using nothing but two phones. You might be wondering how this artist must’ve pulled this off without any editing, let us explain to you how. Yahav selects his choice of the scene off of a movie or any pop-culture production, crops it on his phone, and holds his phone to align the displayed scene with the real world. It is simple, yet complicated at the same time. He has to be creative to find things and scenes in real-life that would align with what he has chosen to create a meaningful morphing in the process.

Scroll down to check out some of this artist’s awesome combinations we found on Bored Panda below. You can upvote and comment on your favorite photos as you scroll through this list we put together for you.

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