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Porcelain Shards Used To Build Organic Sculptures

As it is always known, creativity can come out of anywhere at anytime. This story defines what it exactly means. This weird but interesting collection of art is called the ” In Eden” series. These seem to be very natural like with its rather organic appearance.

You would not believe if someone say that this was all made from pieces of broken Porcelain right? But the fact is that this is exactly made out of porcelain. Meet the creator of this series, Zemer Peled , she has put out her passion of creating delicate art from something that is not delicate, such as broken pieces of Porcelain. She took on a very straining task of assembling broken pieces of porcelain in to objects that doesn’t look artificial or abstract.

It looks finished and organic. The artist had played with the colors angles and the composition of her art in the In Eden series, to make them look more fitting into the nature. Her artwork speaks for herself in displaying that rough materials do contribute into a very cohesive delicate end product.  For a world with narrow minded thinking and deciding, this might be a good collection of art to meditate upon. We have listed down some of Peled’s art for you below. Please scroll and also vote your favourite art work to the top. Leave your ideas in the comments sections below! 

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