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Portraits Of Historical Figures Alongside Their Descendants

This talented photographer became famous for his work in his series of photos which he named “Descendants”. Using his skills in his form of art. He track down the modern day descendants of historical figures and does photoshoots with them. He uses the photos to document their famous ancestor and the modern day descendant side by side to compare how their bloodline has made it so far .

This photographer’s name is Drew Gardner. You might not believe it, but he has been working on this photographic project for more than 15 years now! He had a steady and a slow pace on his until one of his art work received huge attention from the public. It was the portrait of Thomas Jefferson alongside his modern descendant. Although Jefferson was a ‘white’ American, the modern day descendant of him is an African American gentleman which might cause a big issue at the time that Thomas Jefferson lived.

Shannon Lanier was the name of the sixth great grandson of Thomas Jefferson. He has also written down a book himself on what it is to be growing up as a man of color while being a descendant of Thomas Jefferson. It is amazing how time unfolds and brings us the reality of things in a blunt way. We have listed down some of Gardner’s comparison pictures that he has been working on. You can rank your favourite duo while sharing ideas about this amazing photoshoot.

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