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Powerful Digital Collages Presents The Contrast Between The Western & Middle-Eastern Lives

As everyone in the world knows that war is one of the most gruesome destruction that humans have brought upon themselves. But it is also very visible that the governments and the people who wage war have no impact from it rather than profit. The people who are being crushed and lost in this process are the civilians and all those who are caught in the middle.

This was spectated by a Turkish photographer Uğur Gallenkuş who lived right beside the most horrific regions of the world. He was very emotional about the injustice that the people in the middle east have to face every single day. No matter what country it is, they are being bombed and destroyed all the time by different western/powerful countries in the world.

To express his emotion and also to give the world a perspective of what it is to be a middle eastern civilian, Gallenkuş photographed and created a set of collages that will compare the western livelihood of civilians there in comparison to the middle eastern civilians who are constantly being twisted by the horrors of war.

It is not the elaborate lifestyle that these people struggle with, it is the most basic matter of life. They have to live their days in fear of invasion, airstrikes, or some form of war. The parents fear for their children’s lives and future. War has made them hopeless, scared, hate the western world, their own governments as they have become refugees in their own country.

Gallenkuş expressed very powerful messages about horrors of war all over the world with his collage collection. He has received a lot of positive feedback after he posted it online. This shows that people do not want other people to suffer and lose their lives, caught up in a process of the greed of politics. We have collected some of his photos for you below. Scroll down to check them out. Drop down your thoughts on these unjustifiable horrors of war in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Uğur Gallenkuş Twitter


Written by Alex Bradley

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