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This Marine Photographer Captures Radiant Deep-Sea Creatures

The Ocean is a deep dark mystery that still humans struggle to make sense of. Covering more than 70% of the surface of the planet, marine waters hold some of the most diverse amounts of life forms. When we say life forms, not only the fish and other big animals but also the minute life forms which are magical in their own ways.

These interesting life forms have managed to get the attention of the deep-sea photographer and researcher Alexander Semenov. He and his team have been scouting the waters of the Mediterranean Ocean, trying to document the deep sea creatures who are basically invisible to the eye of us people. Most of these minute creatures have see-through bodies, and they self-generate a radiant light for themselves which is very beautiful, especially at night.

Alexander created his project, Aquatilis to document and tell the world about these amazing animals of the depths. This photographer and his team have been diving around Italy when the world went into lockdown due to the current pandemic. Even though they spend a lot of time underwater trying to document and study these creatures. Alexander has said that they have only covered a very tiny part of the Mediterranean Ocean and he can only wonder what amazing things the rest of the Oceans hold.

These minute creatures, look radiant, magical, and out of the world like in the photos and video that the Aquatilis project has captured. Alongside the photos, this team now presents their 4k video footage, unveiling these amazing life forms to the world in a totally new experience.

We shared some of the photos and videos that this project has published. Let us know what you think about these animals of the dept and follow the links for more information.

 More info & Photo courtesy: Alexander Semenov | Instagram | Facebook | Aquatilis | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


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