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This Creative Artist Fills In The Real World Into His Art

Artists, especially painters and drawers use different sorts of mediums to fill in their art. Different sorts of paint, pencil colors, ink, glitter, stickers and every sort of artistic filler is used. It is decided on how the artist decides the art to look like and how successfully the filler enhances the art. Although we portray the world through our art, no one usually thinks about using the world as a filler for their art, do they?

This amazingly creative artist; Kanat Nurtazin, use the world around him to fill into his art and give it life. If you are reading about this artist for the first time, you might not grasp this concept in the first place. But we have previous articles on him, about his awesome work, if you are interested, you can check it out here. He creates very artistic designs, cutting off the paper using a razor blade. These vacant spaces are then filled in by scenic colors that come right from Mother Nature.

Teaching himself this art form which originated in his mind, this Kazakhstan-based artist creates amazing artwork that makes people all around the world fall in love with. Working at Nazarbayev University as a senior manager, he sticks to his artwork to relax and keep his artistic side alive. But by the looks of it, his artistic side is well alive and flourishing.

He states on Bored Panda that he started this style of art in 2013 and he has been trying out all sorts of different things ever since. He became popular for using dead leaves to cut out his art. He still continues to cut art out from both paper and natural leaves up to date. His passion is to try out different sorts of art forms and find the beauty of them in their process.

The reason he cuts out and then fills in with nature’s colors is that he loves the colors and the theatrical animations that are present in the natural world. He just try to harness that beauty into his artwork and capture this awesome hybrid form of combination on camera.

We have collected his latest collection of art below for you. You can scroll down to check them out. Let us know what you think about this awesome form of art in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kanat Nurtazin | Facebook


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