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30 Instagram Vs Reality Photos By This Cool Health Blogger

People in modern society have a very close relationship with social media and online socializing. This has caused a lot of change in the perspectives of people. Choices of fashion, lifestyles and even things like education and professions have been affected by the use of social media. People like to fit in with the online trends and in the process, most of us have created an online ‘persona’.

This might be the case with a lot of people, but we should not lose the grip of reality. It is okay to be a regular person, it is okay to have flaws and not perfect, no one is. But some people might disagree with what they see online. People upload their content to be seen as a perfect personality at what they do. It’s true you can find plenty of such online profiles, but the truth is that is what they chose to upload after trying to capture one insta-worthy picture from hundreds of tries.

This cannot be explained better by anyone than an Instagram model. Meet Sara Puhto, she is a health blogger who is also a popular person on Instagram. She has been posting an interesting set of photos to show the difference between Instagram and reality. Being a health model, Sara uploads a lot of ‘perfect’ photos where her body is in the best shape. But she shows that it is not perfect, she chose to pose and capture herself to show the world a perfect body.

Most of these amazing photos are a result of hundreds of failed photos, a lot of poses, and angles. If you let your insecurities take over you, there is plenty of it to drive you to a point where you won’t be happy with yourself at all. The point is to embrace who you are and understand that you are as human as the rest of the crowd.

So, without trying so hard to ‘stage’ a perfect life, it is very easy and happy to lead a real life. Accepting who you are and loving yourself for it makes you appreciate yourself. These are simple things that you can do to make your life lighter and happier. We collected some of Sara’s comparison photos to show how Instagram differs from her own reality.

Let us know what you think in the comments section and start a worry-free life accepting you for who you are!

More info & Photo courtesy: Sara Puhto


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