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Russian Artist Creates Landscape Paintings With Psychedelic Application Of Paint

When the art of painting is considered, a lot of paintings have painted the natural landscape. It is one of the most popular subjects of all time. But when we dive in deeper to concentrate on the details of it, we can clearly identify that out of all landscapes that were drawn, European-style landscapes were the most famously painted pieces of art. Their colors, blends, and textures were really soothing to look at.

This is about a Russian artist Anastasia Trusova who is based in Belgium who paints Euro-based landscapes. The specialty of her is that she takes a different approach than most of the painters and her methods have their own unique effect on them. 

Although she has been painting for a long time, it took Trusova around 8 years to start posting her paintings online. The reason that her art is different from most of the paintings done is the method that she used to apply the paint. She uses acrylic paint on her art. This allows the painter to make several textures in order to create depth in the art. Trusova likes to play with color, so her art is very colorful, it gives out a psychedelic look to itself in a very vibrant manner.

In a short amount of time, Trusova gained a lot of popularity on Instagram for her very impressive painting. This love that was returned from many people all over the world inspires her to do more work trying different things she was afraid to try before. The success led her to set up her amazing artwork for sale on Etsy website. If you are interested, you can click on the links to purchase a painting or to view more of her work.

We have listed a few of her eye-catching paintings for you. Scroll down to go through our list. You can upvote your favorite to the top of this list as well. Share your thoughts about this art in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Anastasia Trusova | Etsy


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