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Sculptor Creates Incredible Figures That Carves Their Own Bodies

Art is about an expression that is presented by the craftsmanship of a choice. The medium of art can vary according to the artist and there are a huge amount of choices. Each artist brings their skill and talent out to the world to show off their uniqueness in very entertaining ways.

This article is about such an amazing artist from Mexico. Meet Víctor Hugo Yáñez Piña who is the creator of a wonderful series of sculptures that are made out of bronze, wax, and resin. These are human figures that are chiseling their bigger bodies with a chisel to get the body that they perceive to get. The series is named ‘Self-Made Man’, there is also a female counterpart to the male figures as well.

This was earlier produced in a digital format by Gabriel D’Orazio who is a Brazilian artist but never made a physical figure. This collection is created to support and motivated the people who tirelessly work for themselves to become the person they want to be.

They are not small as they seem to be as well, each of these figures would weigh around 10 kilograms. This artist has captured the human anatomy in both natures in a realistic manner and the effort of the person who is trying to chisel himself is also expressed by the talent and skill. The concept and the message that is being portrayed by these series of sculptures are both equally amazing to match the skill and the creativity of the artist.

People instantly were amazed to see photos and videos of these figures online when the artist posted them, especially on Instagram. So, we decided to collect some of these pictures for you below. Scroll down to check them out. You can rank your favorite to the top as you share your thoughts in our comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Víctor Hugo Yáñez Piña | Facebook | Instagram


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