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Awesome Sculptures Capture The Movement Of The Human Body

Human beings are truly a wonder of nature, being the way we are and being capable to do the things we do is just amazing. There is no other being that navigates through and experiences life like us. So, as much as we appreciate art and other cool things in this world, being human is definitely one amazing thing to celebrate.

This appreciation for being human is the main focus of Joan and Javier, a pair of artists from Spain. They create wonderful sculptures that embody human bodies in motion. Most of the sculptures that we get to see are in a pose or being still. But the work of these two artists shows the beautiful motion of the human body which is so amazing to look at.

The artistry is astonishing as they manage to create very life-like sculptures that present smooth motion. Their work is at their gallery in Valencia, Spain. Working together, this duo has managed to work as a unit, bonding in with their artistry while leaving the differences and egos out of the studio. Presenting their work as Coderch & Malavia, almost all of their popular work has been on appreciation of human beings and their bodies.

They expressed that the reason that they are so attracted to their human sculptures is that they appreciate their own existence through it. Being human is an amazing opportunity in life that each and every one of us has. To live and experience life in the way a human does is the epitome of it as we know of. So, these artists prove a point, we should take a moment or two of each day to be thankful and appreciate the life we have been given as humans and absorb as much positivity possible.

Scroll down to check out these awesome sculptures of these Spanish artists below. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Coderch & Malavia | Facebook | Instagram


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