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See How Most Of The ‘Influencers’ Take Their Photos

Today, people lead two lives; one in the physical world and the other in the virtual world. People take a lot of care about how they behave and how they are seen on social media. You might see that people are leading perfect lives on the internet and the pictures they are uploading as if they live in a fantasy world.

The explanation for that is that a lot of people are in the run, chasing for the perfect life on the internet to impress the online community. Meet the photographer Omahi who has taken and edited pictures for many Instagram influencers. His level of artistry is very impressive and you would not believe that the pictures that we have listed below are edited if he did not upload the behind-the-scenes pictures.

If you think a candid photo can be taken with one simple click, you are wrong. There is a lot of editing, a lot of planning, a lot of props and the set should be prepared as well. They go through all of that just to get that one candid picture. So, just because they go through all of that with all that expense, you might not want to invest your time and money in hiring such a professional photographer if you are not serious about being an influencer.

But we are here to appreciate the talent of this wonderful photographer. As you can see below, he has done all sorts of photoshoots that were posted on Instagram influencers’ accounts. Even though they are magical, colorful, and very dramatic. We can see that in real life it is not, it is turned into a candid with a lot of effort and work.

To get a better look at it we have listed down pictures that Omahi took with a picture of behind the scenes of it. Scroll down to have a peek and upvote the most interesting one to the top. Also, please share your thoughts about it in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Omahi  | Facebook


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