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Artist Illustrates Funny & Simple Lives Of Famous Characters

Everybody has their own list of favorite movies, TV shows, and other sorts of entertainment. You like to watch them and may even have your favorite characters. Most of the time, people get drawn to these characters and they instantly become fans of their other work, private life, and everything else that they can get their hands on.

No matter how much celebrities try to hide or keep their private lives private, the paparazzi or die-hard fans will eventually make it over their boundaries. But there are a set of characters who have managed to be under the radar, unlike most celebrities. Those are the illustrated characters who are illustrated or animated into entertainment productions. You will only get to see them in their role and nothing else.

But, luckily, an artist had the same thought that most of the fans have about their favorite celebrity. ‘What must be they doing off-camera?’. Although there is no camera, to begin with, you probably get the idea. Ed Harrington, who is an illustrator and designer by profession took interest in this matter and decided to take things into his hands. By using his skills and creativity, he illustrated a collection of concepts that he came up with about some of his favorite characters.

You can find these famous characters doing everyday things when they are not in their role. They are found to be doing normal things that simple folks such as you and me do in our lives. These characters are found to be relaxing, doing basic duties in their lives, but they do carry the characteristics of their roles with them as well. It is very entertaining and funny to imagine these characters going about their lives when it is not on a movie or the TV.

Scroll down to check out the set of these awesome illustrations that we got you below this article. You can share your thoughts about these in the comments sections below and rank your favorite one by upvoting on the specific photo.

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