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Simple Tattoos That Align Perfectly With The Body

Are you a tattoo enthusiast? There are many discussions on different styles and genres, but as much as styles are important, placement is important as well. Placing the right tattoo in the right place of your body will improve its quality and how it looks on your skin on a big scale.

In this article, we thoughts of highlighting such an artist. Meet Ilya Brezinski who is a talented tattoo artist from Russia. This Russian tattoo artist pays good attention to the placement of the tattoo and how it suits with his customer’s anatomy.

To back up his placing, his creativity comes up with perfect designs that will fit. And finally, his technical application skills will finish off the job. His steady hand, perfect lines, and polished shading make him an artist who delivers what he says. This is the reason why he is a popular tattoo artist in Russia and also on social media as well.

His Instagram profile shows his perfect work to the world. A huge number of people, all around the world tune into his profile to view, interact and share his content in appreciation. Tattooing is no more an underground culture. It is a mainstream form of fashion. The technology and the style have been evolving at a rapid speed. With more creativity and precision, there is no stopping for the tattoo industry from being better and better every single day.

Since a lot of people follow and talk about Brezinski’s work, we thought of listing a few of his works below for you. They are a small set of pictures in different styles. You can observe the clean and precise work. Scroll down to check them out and you can upvote your favorites to the top. Follow the links to his social media accounts below and do not forget to share your thoughts about this as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ilya Brezinski | Facebook


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