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Sir Patrick Stewart Is Placed To Be Compared With Matching Vacuum Cleaners And They Oddly Match

The internet is a place where everyone and everything gets a stage to get attention to themselves. This is one such instance where, weird creativity has made its appearance in the internet. The Twitter user Pandamoanimum, whose real name is Amanda, recently posted her weird ideas which was creative in a way.

She has posted some pictures of a person alongside with pictures of vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners have resembled her of that person. This person that she have compared the vacuum cleaners is none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, who is a movie superstar and also a bearer of a Knighthood. Some might disagree of comparing such a person side by side a vacuum cleaner, but creativity sees no social border, it just happens. These set of pictures were so funny and amazing that they became popular very fast within a little time of posting them.

We have collected and listed down some of the comparison pictures that Amanda have posted on her Twitter account. You can scroll down to check them out and rank your favourite picture to the top by upvoting them. Do not forget to comment down your thoughts in the comments sections to let us know what you think about these pictures.

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