Skull Watches Were A Thing Back In The Day

This is a real life trend which was among the watch makers in Geneva and France. Since, they were really famous and skillful in their watch production, they have made this very creative and elegant looking design on the watch of a skull which opens up as any pocket watch.

The skulls unhinge and opens apart to reveal the watch embedded. You can find them in many museums across Europe. They were made exclusively and the designs were mind blowing. They had put on an amazing amount of details on the skulls and also some had elaborate carvings on them mainly floral designs or lines from the bible.

Watches back in the day was a sign of value and they meant a higher valued meaning to its holder. The designs and engraving are done in such manner that it relates to its holder. These designs perfectly presents that beauty can be found in the most negative things as well. These watches are a truly beautiful work of art by the 17th century watch makers and it is unfair that they had to go out of trend. Well it is not too late to start over and bring these elaborate watch styles back into use! Scroll down to check out some of the incredible skull watches that are preserved in museums. Vote your favourite design to the top and leave your ideas in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy:  British Museum |  Louvre | Metropolitan Museum of Art


Written by Alex Bradley

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