Buni's 30 Comics That Are Funny, Sad, And Twisted At The Same Time (New Pics) (1/25)


We also wanted to know if the artist had a favorite comic, and we thought it would be only fair if he shared his thoughts with us!


“It’s difficult to pick a favorite comic. I’ve always liked the Buni comic in which he imagines himself riding a unicorn in the sky with rainbows, but in reality, he’s just riding a broken-down mechanical horse in a sketchy part of town. One of my early Buni comics helped to solidify the character for me, and I used it on the first page of my book.


I recently created a comic about sunflowers destroying a tank to represent the Ukrainians defeating the Russians. I printed the design on t-shirts and donated all profits to UNICEF, which helps children all over the world, including in Ukraine.”

What do you think?


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