Because my eight-year-old daughter asked if she was beautiful, I decided to do this photo project. (9/15)

Catrin went to a coffee shop with her mother a few weeks ago, and the lady behind the counter patted her on the back. When Catrin turned to respond, the lady inquired, “Sorry! “How did you end up?” Catrin politely and patiently shared her life story with that stranger, hoping that the next time she met someone with a facial difference, she would think twice about staring at them and then asking them a similar question. Catrin is so much more than a 96% burn survivor. She is a young woman with a million hopes and dreams. She recently graduated from one of the world’s most prestigious universities, King’s College London. She now wants to be a physiotherapist. Catrin had just finished sending off her application for a job opening, hoping to be chosen solely on merit and the amount of hard work she has put into achieving her goals. She is a person. She’s a lot of fun and very thoughtful. She is an excellent listener as well as a superb orator. She is a warrior. She represents a movement. She is the voice and face of change; she is the face of normalizing facial difference. She is all of this and so much more… She is more than just her scars..

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