Beauty pageants have been praised and criticized, but one thing unites natural and makeup-enhanced beauty: it’s all just skin deep. (5/22)


Natural and enhanced beauty have one thing in common: they are both superficial. Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, I am a firm believer in ‘what’s inside that counts.’ I also believe in makeup; whether you want to look better for yourself, express yourself, or it’s just a fun routine, makeup is not the new evil.


If these so-called beauty contests are to continue indefinitely, I’d like to see our changing understanding of beauty shift alongside the models chosen to compete in these contests, because these only exist to perpetuate long-standing stereotypes of outward acceptance.


For the time being, the best they can do is add a “bare-faced model” category. Angie Beasley, Miss England organizer, told CNN about the decision to launch the new format: “It encourages contestants to show us who they really are without the need to hide behind makeup and filters on social media.”


“We introduced this round of the contest in 2019 because we were receiving so many entry images from contestants covering their faces with thick makeup and using filters,” she explained. “Since then, contestants have posted their images on social media in order to participate in this round.” This is the first time I’ve seen a contestant compete in a semi-final without makeup, and she stated that she felt empowered in comparison to the other contestants.”


“I’m all for makeup to enhance your natural beauty, but there’s no need for young people to wear it so thick that it looks like a mask,” she concluded. Talk about gatekeeping

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