Highly Commended: ‘Now, How Do I Upload My Pics?’ By Kenichi Morinaga (12/16)


“I gotta smart phone so I want to upload my pics for my SNS. But I don’t know how to use it. Please someone tell me how to use it.”

The dogs were also observed, though. The image of Nilo, a 10-month-old adopted dog who had just discovered water for the first time in his life and experienced a whole range of pleasure, was the winner in the Dog category. Jose Bayon is the picture’s creator.

By the way, those who love dogs can rejoice that photographer Marco Jovanovich won the People’s Choice award. The audience praised the image of Carter, a dog, in wonderful detail, enjoying a snow bath. Carter also has a wonderful tale to tell; his new owners traveled from Chicago to California to save him after learning that he was scheduled for euthanasia there. Certainly, it was worthwhile!

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