Joanné (12/15)

Joanné’s Instagram profile initially drew my attention. A woman with her heart on her sleeve… loves deeply and freely forgives She has a carefree attitude, as if she has invisible wings. She asked if she could play some music when I invited her over for a shoot with her beautiful son Marcus. “For good vibes,” she explained. I inquired about her journey.Bullying became an important part of Joanné’s childhood as she grew up with Albinism and attended a mainstream school. But when she spoke of it, it was as if she had released that anger from her soul, anger for a lost childhood, innocence stolen. As if she had forgiven everyone who had called her names… said she looked like a ghost… There was this silent strength where I expected to find anger… a sense of freedom where I expected to find self-doubt. Freedom from the constant fear of being judged and criticized.

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