The 20-year-old not only defied contest stereotypes, but she also earned a spot in the Miss England final, where she will compete without the use of any cosmetics. (3/22)


To be honest, whether you wear makeup to feel beautiful in your own skin, to develop your artistry, to experiment with all the textures, glitters, and pretty colors, or simply because you enjoy it, it does not make you superior or inferior to someone who does not, and vice versa.


As stated on Fait avec Coeur, when we demonize makeup, we deny people the experience of shamelessly enjoying makeup. Within the health and wellness industry, there is a widespread belief that wearing makeup is ‘bad.’ It’s now fashionable to go for a completely ‘natural look,’ or to forego makeup entirely. We should all be able to make our own choices without fear of negative judgment or a hierarchy of which is ‘better.’ Allowing choices is what empowerment is all about.


The message in this story is sweet but dated, and it also falls a little flat. Is the person who represents natural beauty in this anti-aging world really a 20-year-old with flawless skin and undeniably attractive facial features? That’s a question worth debating. But I believe it is related to the question of why beauty pageants are still popular.

What do you think?


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