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Some Amazing Pictures Of The World’s Deepest & Oldest Lake Frozen, That You Shouldn’t Miss

If you already did not know about the World’s oldest and the deepest lake, here it is. Baikal lake in Siberia is the oldest lake on the Planet. With very clear water, it becomes even more magical when it freezes for the winter.

Luckily this was experienced and photographed by Kristina Makeeva, a Russian photographer. Her photos of this late were shared and viewed a huge amount of times by people all over the world. She went on a 3 day trip to explore the fabled Baikal lake and spent almost the entire time hanging around the lake.

Makeeva has written to Bored Panda that she could experience a thick ice layer that went down around 1 to 2 meters in thickness. The frozen water bubbles of air trying to rise to the surface and the glossy, mirror-like ice surface is really a majestic experience that Makeeva had the chance to have. Still even the ice is very clear other than the bubbles and the cracks. These cracks would open up with a thundering cracking sound making an air vent for the aqua life inside the deep waters.

The Baikal, running down to 1642 meters in depth, is the world’s deepest lake. This lake holds a massive amount of freshwater and aquatic life forms. Creating a magical dome over itself, the lake sleeps until spring to roar back to life.

Thanks to Makeeva, we can now experience the beauty of the lake through her photographs. Scroll down to check the list of photos below and share your thoughts about it with us.

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