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Some Majestic Castles Around The World That You Should See

Architecture is a wonderful form of art that has been created by people. It is created through the rules and laws of engineering while finishing off with an aesthetic appearance. That being the case, some of the most loved and amazing historic creations are castles.

From the medieval ages and up to date, castles have stood by their glory being strong, bold, and just beautiful. There are a lot of castles built all around the globe for many different people and reasons. Today, a lot of people visit these castles to bask in the aesthetic beauty to please their eyes and minds. One of such people is, Vincent Croce. He is a castle enthusiast who loves to visit castles all over the world.

Traveling to and from different countries, he likes to visit castles with natural settings and unbothered environments. Being a photographer, he is aware of how the background and the setting of a place are important as the subject matter is. So, any castle with modern structures alongside or reconstructed with the original castle, or even the surrounding of the castle being populated with modern construction is a huge disappointment for this photographer.

In his photo collection, “Timeless Castles”, he presents a set of castles that are in their original form in an unbothered environment. He has chosen locations where these castles have not been subjected to any modern construction or such interference with their original building. What he intends to deliver by his photo collection is the feeling of going to spectate a castle in its original form, as if you have traveled back in time.

Through the misty forests, peering through the tree tops, on the edge of cliffs, by water bodies, and covered in snow. He has a really wonderful set of photos of castles in his photo series. A lot of people visited his website and social media accounts to check out these amazing pictures after they were uploaded.

So, we have listed down some of his amazing photographs on the photo series “Timeless Castles”. Scroll down to check them out and let us know your pick by voting your favorite photos to the top. Share your thoughts in the comments sections.

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