Steve Irwin’s Daughter Gifts Her Baby Girl Her First Khakis

This is the newest member of the world famous Irwin family! Meet the adorable baby girl of Bindi, the daughter of Steve Irwin. Bindi is married to Chandler and the couple proudly welcomes the baby girl into the Irwin family by gifting their baby daughter her first pair of Khakis.

It is a tradition of the Irwin family to be seen in Khakis. It is the uniform of the Australian Zoo, so receiving Khakis in this family is a very big deal. They have named the baby girl Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. She came into this world on the 25th of March this year and had been the center of attention for many wildlife lovers ever since.

More info & Photo courtesy: bindisueirwin | chandlerpowell

#1. The couple announced the baby’s arrival with a pair of baby Khakis.

After passing her 1 month milestone, now Grace is in shape to put on her first pair of Khakis! It is so cute that the baby is already destined for great things with such a lovely couple of parents who take care of her really well as also post about her all the time on social media platforms.

#2. Grace tries on her Khakis.

#3. Chandler and Bindi were so excited for their baby since day 1.

#4. Their parenthood has been a fun ride so far.

#5. They believe that their daughter will take care of all the animals on mother Earth.

#6. Grace have been given a tour at the Australian zoo.

#7. The posts that Bindi and Chandler shared were loved all over the world.

#8. Just like Bindi was welcomed by her parents.


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