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Sticker-Like Perfectly Legible Tattoos Are Very Eye-Catching

Tattoos have been in society for a long time. But it was only a few decades ago that it was accepted as a popular fashion element for people to wear them. The idea of being tattooed was not pretty back in the day. It was mainly for the sailors, soldiers, and criminals. But slowly, after remaining as an underground culture, finally the tattooing culture has broken free to become an accepted form of art.

Now since it is accepted, the art is being developed aesthetically and technically at a very high rate. With these developments, new techniques and styles are found and created every now and then. This is about a very specific style of tattooing that is practiced by a Chinese tattoo artist who goes by the name MR.L which people know him by. The style of tattoos that he is popularly known for is his ‘Sticker-like’ tattooing. 

In the tattooing industry, a ‘sticker-like’ tattoo is done when it is so crisp and clean. Mr. L uses very crisp outlines and high saturation. These elements can make your tattoo ‘pop’ on your skin. It would really look as if someone has pasted a sticker on their skin. This technique requires a lot of knowledge on color blends and a lot of technical precision when it is applied.

The artwork is mostly referring to Pop culture or very cartoonish in nature. These have recently turned into a trend. A lot of people are now interested in fully colored and illustrated tattoos rather than the monotones and the old-school styles.

His work is mostly seen on his Instagram account where a lot of people find him and share his amazing work all over the social media platforms. So, we have collected some of those very eye-catching photos for you below as a list. You can upvote your favorites to the top and also leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments sections.

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