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Stories Made By Silhouettes Against The Setting Sun

The sun set is a wonderful time of the day and it spreads its golden rays as far as the eye can see. This is the time where all the beautiful landscape and other things which were once colorful to the eye are now turning into silhouettes.

People often come out to places to watch the sunset as a habit. It is that beautiful and it tends to calm your soul and mind to give you a peace of mind. Another person who enjoys these golden sunsets is Krutik Thakur. He is a young photographer with a very big imagination. As he was surfing through the internet, he has come across some pictures at a sunset and he fell in love with it instantly. Surfing the internet for tips and tricks to execute a sunset photoshoot properly, he taught himself to get a hold of the process really soon.

Since then, he goes to watch the sunset as much as possible while creating stories within his photos of the setting sun. He uses the sun and silhouettes of people to fuse these two elements into one story. Thakur will get the help of other people and sometimes, props to help them illustrate the narrative. This photographer uses the position of the sun to incorporate with his story and executes his camera skills well. As much as the camera and technical skills are needed, this type of photography requires a lot of imagination to create such stories with two elements which are not of the same plain field. He has a lot of followers on his social media accounts appreciating his work. You can visit him using the links below. We have collected some of his pictures for you, you can drop your ideas down in the comments sections of the photos while ranking your favourite to the top.

More info & Photo courtesy: Website | Krutik Thakur | Twitter | YouTube

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