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You Might Need These 20+ Street Smart Tips For Your Safety

Safety and Security of ourselves should be ensured by us. Even though there is law enforcement and other services for security, there is no one or no service by you at the very moment something happens. So, to ensure your safety, you should know the right things to do at the necessary time.

Today’s world has a lot of sectors developed and made into better versions of themselves. But with those developments, crime has made its own development as well. So, surviving modern crime has become a challenging task as well. But if you know what to do, to make yourself not become a target, you will manage to be safe. The question is, how do you do it? It is really easy and most of the time, you will have to follow ‘old school’ tips and tricks to ‘survive’ the streets. Having this type of knowledge is called being “Street Smart”. There is no textbook on being street-smart, it is only taught from mouth to mouth and practically.

This type of information and tips are important to everybody even if you are traveling overseas or just going out for a walk. You can keep yourself safe from being robbed, harmed, kidnapped, your children from being lost, and easily spotting if you are in danger or not. These simple signals will help you to make quick decisions that you will thank God later.

So, we thought of collecting some of these amazing tips that people have posted online and sharing them with you under this article. Scroll down to check them out and let us know if there are any more of these tips you want to share with us in the comments sections. You can also upvote on you the tips that have helped you the most to the top of this list.


If you're walking and someone approaches, don't break stride. You can carry on a conversation while walking, but people who are looking to proselytize, sell you something, or mug you will want you to slow or stop to address them.

If they want to chat, make them keep up with you. You can even tell them that you're in a rush but would love to talk and walk.

They'll likely find someone more stationary, because if you can make a person slow, you can make them stop. If you can make them stop, you've already adjusted their priorities and placed yourself at the top.

It's a subtle power game. Keep going where you're going, and you retain your power. Stop and cat, and you've given it up and opened yourself to possible problems.


If you’re going to be away on holiday or somewhere you’re unfamiliar with for any length of time, it’s a good idea to try to always make sure that someone knows roughly where you’re going to be and what you’re going to be doing on a given day. Even if you’re like me and you don’t like to plan out a full itinerary, a rough indication of what your plans might be can help work out your movements if ever there is an issue.


Street smarts to give your kids: if you get lost, find the closest adult with kids.

I saw this in action once at Disneyland when a 4 year old kid approached me and my kiddos while we were eating. She joined us very calmly, introduced herself, and said her parents gave her the above advice. I heard her parents shouting her name not long after, and the relief on their faces was a sight.


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