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Plus-Size Model Shows How To Style Without Being Skinny

Fashion is a popular concern with almost everyone in the modern world. A very lesser amount of people go out without thinking about what they wear twice. There are new fashion trends, styles, and ideas introduced to the world every single day. The big companies, influencers, and social media play a huge part in creating awareness about new trends and updates in the world of fashion.

But with that, a certain type of toxicity has risen up in modern society about the ideal body type of women. Media, famous companies, and other influential personalities in the world promote a very unrealistic body type to the world. This skinny and very well-maintained body type puts a lot of people in a bad emotional state. Teenagers and many younger females have constant negative thoughts about their selves and it pulls people down to replace them with these unrealistic body imagery.

Opposing to these unrealistic body imagery promotions, the current society observes a resistance as a lot of influencers and other people stand against this unrealistic body imagery. Among these people, there is a familiar face that Bananalanguage recognizes; Katie Sturino. She is a plus-size model, a body-acceptance advocate, and also the founder of the brand ‘Megababe beauty ‘. She recently introduced a hand sanitizer that is healthy for your skin and protects it without damaging it.

This inspiring person from New York does a very interesting and positive job by dressing up fashionably to motivate people who struggle to accept their bodies. She does this in a very clever way, she picks out different celebrities who people look up to and rock the very same outfit on her body. This shows in practice that any body type can look absolutely stylish if you style it properly.

We have introduced Katie to our reader before in one of our earlier articles as well. Make sure to check it out and also Katie’s website and social media accounts for more of her amazing work. Scroll down to check out the photos that we collected for you below and upvote your favorite outfit. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.

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