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Surreal Worlds By This Digital Artist Will Sooth Your Eyes

Every aspect of art has skyrocketed with the emergence of technology. It has opened new avenues of art and also enhanced the prevailing ones in a significant amount. Digital art was one of these new forms of art that the development of technology introduced. In the modern context of art, a lot of digit art is being made.

This article is about an amazing digital artist who edits real photos of real places to create surreal worlds. These edits give away a magical ambiance to it. The artist behind these skilfully edits is Zak Eazy who has been a digital artist since 2019. He was introduced to Photoshop software around 2009 and started his journey as a graphic designer. The skills he developed within the decade with his creativity made him turn into a digital artist.

This French editor has always had a liking to creating dreamy illustrative worlds which were fantasy worlds by nature. So, the pandemic situation and the lockdown period made him become more creative. If you visit his social media accounts, you might see that he has been busy lately with creating surreal worlds.

He likes to express himself and the emotions that he has through his edits, and the work that he posts. With his very colorful, dreamy, and surreal edits of real photos of real places, he has gained a lot of attraction to his artwork online. He has a large follower base on Instagram who loves his artwork and shares them all over the world.

We decided to collect some of his Amazing edits for you to witness. You can comment down your thoughts about these amazing edits and follow him by clicking on the links below. You can also rank your favorite surreal art by upvoting them to the top. Enjoy the fantasy worlds of Eazy!

More info & Photo courtesy: Zak Eazy