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Take A Look At How Hard Puberty Hit These TikTokers

Everyone in the world transits through different stages in life. Our bodily functions and appearances change when we go through those changes. One of the main and important changes in our lives happens with the arrival of puberty. You will make the transition from a child to a young adult. Your body grows, its functions change, and especially your appearance.

Recently Tiktok, one of the most popular social media apps in the world had a trend where they post themselves prior to and after they went through puberty to show the difference. A lot of people have gone through drastic changes in their appearance with the arrival of puberty.

This challenge has gone viral all over TikTok and there is no one who doesn’t know about this in almost every main social media platform. This becomes very important because in recent years a lot of LGBTQ movements and rights were won all across the globe. So, you will get the chance to witness how people have gone through their gender changes and everything of the sort as well.

However they end up, these TikToks are just amazing to look at. To see how fashion and styles changed over the years, how bodily differences, and structures change and how maturity looks like in general. You will get over 4 million posts in this challenge worldwide and they have been viewed shared and liked over many billion times!

We have share snapshots of some of these TikToks below for you. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you like about them. If you have your own puberty stories, please share them with us.


Written by Alex Bradley

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