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Take A Look At These 30 Oddly Funny Houses In Melbourne

Architecture is also a form of art, which is a bit complex because it is a part of engineering when something is planned to design. As humans, we tend to screw things up every now and then, and sometimes, deliberately. 

People do a lot of things for fun and end up with hilarious creations. But to try something funny with your own house? That is something that you will not get to see every day. But we spotted a hilarious Instagram profile that has a hilarious collection of weird-looking houses in Melbourne. Ugly Melbourne Houses are the name of this account which collects and posts pictures that they capture on camera and what other people submit to them.

Even though we can have a good laugh at these pictures, the deputy Mayor has described Melbourne as one of the most interesting places to live in Australia. This can be true because there are a lot of ethnicities and cultures mix together in Melbourne.

It is interesting how this city has managed to pull a large number of skyscrapers in the city while getting funny-looking houses right outside the city. This collection cannot be called fails because some of these house designs are made the way it is and it gives the owners a sense of happiness fun or even to express themselves.

Most of the Melbourne city houses are becoming old and spent. So, the deputy mayor has reminded his people to take a look at to be safe. If you have an idea to try something interesting and hilarious. You might want to check the list of photos that we listed for you below. Scroll down to check them out and upvote on the funniest house out of the lot. Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ugly Melbourne Houses


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