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Take A Look At These Cute Moments In The Life Of A Frog

Nature and Wildlife are amazing things that make this world so vivid and wonderful. This made Nature & Wildlife become a big and popular genre in the world of photography. If you concentrate enough, even the small things will relate to big stories for you. There are an unimaginable amount of things out there in Nature all you got to do is. look.

This talented photographer is from Indonesia, his name is Ajar Setiadi and he takes a deep interest in animals. As a child, he grew up being amazed by animals and observing them. Now he is a professional photographer who is chasing his interests while collecting some amazing photographs. His interest in wildlife is with frogs. Some despise these bouncy animals, but for him, they are cute little amphibians. 

He also mentioned to My Modern Met that he has a set of frogs as his pets back at his place. With the interest and the skill of photography, Setiadi did an amazing photoshoot on his set of friends. It was a rainy day and the pictures came out even more beautiful than he expected them to be.

They seem to be interacting with one another and react to the rain. This photographer managed to get some close-up photos of these animals, which portrayed them and their casual behavior in a very highlighted manner. You might even be surprised to see one of these froggos holding up a leaf to use as an umbrella!

This set of pictures are adored by a lot of people on the internet. So, we decided to list some of these pictures for you below. You can check them out by scrolling down and do not forget to share your thoughts about this article with us in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ajar Setiadi


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