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Take A Look At These Evil Versions Of Some Pop Characters

The entertainment industry has been a part of everyone’s life since their childhood. Even if we change our tastes and our selections down the line in life, we will always love to be entertained. There are a number of popular characters in the entertainment industry that everyone loves. Winnie the Pooh, Power Puff girls, Mickey Mouse and other characters of the sort always won your hearts by spreading love, happiness and positivity.

However, this Brazilian artist; Felipe Rui Fernandes took a different approach in recreating these characters. These adorable, pop characters (along some villains) were designed in their ‘Evil’ versions. The artist explains that the world is not totally flowers and rainbows, it can also have darker sides where things are not that pretty. So, he wanted to portray that angle in life where even the most cute character can lean into those negative aspects in life.

Even though these digital designs are scary, they have their own vibe with them. The artist also mentions that these characters also gives a reflection of most of the people’s inner-self. No one seems to care about their own self, self-care is not something that is paid attention to, being ignorant and insensitive is something common that is seen in the society. So, this talented artist creates these artwork to present how negativity can turn the most sweetest things and people into very tormented versions.

But at the end of the day, it is art and art can take any form it wants. If you love spooky stuff, then this set of art is for you. Scroll down to check out what we got you on the list below. You can follow this awesome artist to be updated on him using the links below. Upvote your favorite evil character to the top while sharing your thoughts about this set of artwork in the comments sections.

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