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Take A Look At These Past US Presidents' Reimagined Photos

There are a lot of photos of the presidents of each country. You get to see them in newspapers, posters, advertisements, and all over the internet. This is the age where digital photography is rocketing and it develops from good to better all the time. But even though we get to see thousands of photos of the present-day presidents, we do not have much or any photos of the presidents. There are only a handful of very low-quality photos or maybe just portrait paintings of them.

So, this made the famous comic book writer  Magdalene Visaggio wonder how would these presidents of the past look if they lived in the present day. So this award-winning artist took her skills up to the test of creating computer-rendered photos of these presidents of the past. She has used her imagination to see these individuals in modern clothing and in a more modern look, but still managing to make the picture look as if it is the same person. Some people are easily rendered since they were in an age where they had clothing that was a bit similar to the present-day clothing styles. But the others took a bit of imagination to create since the portraits of them had different types of clothing and even wigs!

These pictures have been receiving feedback for being a very successful project that was done by this artist. This series has now released a collection that is titled; “Modern Presidents”. These photo series have been viewed and shared by a lot of people all over the internet. So, we thought of sharing some of the pictures that Visaggio reimagined and list them under this article.

Scroll down to check them out and make sure you drop some comments down on the comments section as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: Magdalene Visaggio


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