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Tattoo Artist Covers Up Scars On Skin By Her Amazing Art Work

The art of Tattooing has been around the societies for some time now. Permanent markings that are done on the body has now evolved into an art and an industry where developed art is being tattooed in an aesthetic manner. People get tattooed for different reasons; to look cool, to make a marking of something that you want to remember or expressing yourself. Tattoos tend to add more confidence and beauty to the human body and also their mind.

This is a story of a special tattoo artist from Vietnam that uses her art of tattooing to contribute to making people’s lives better than being just another regular tattoo artist. Her name is Ngoc. She has been carrying on tattooing for some time and she was being looked down upon at the beginning of her career. Ngoc believes that people are beautiful and scars of the past should not bother their present or their future. Her specialty is that she does very creative tattoos over scars of people’s bodies. Her art engulfs the scars which will never be seen again. She believes that her art work helps people to gain confidence and put away the negativity that has been bothering them. This cause had made her famous across her social media accounts which are constantly visited by many people all over the world.

So, we have listed some of her work below for you. Please scroll down to check these awesome tattoos out and do not forget to drop down your comments to speak what you think about her work. Follow the links mentioned below for more.

More info & Photo courtesy: Ngoc


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