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Tattoo Artist Creates Amazing Tattoos Using Unbroken Lines In A Way You Haven't Seen Before

The art of tattooing has been evolving for a long time. But it was not considered a common style of fashion for most of its time. But after lurking in the underground culture, the art of tattooing emerged as a common element of fashion a few decades ago. Since that introduction, it has developed in technical aspects and also in its styles.

This article is about a tattoo artist with amazing skills. Tattooing artists practice their basic skills to let them perform any sort of style that the client requires. But each artist has their strong points, so they develop strong skills in a certain style/styles. Meet Mo Ganji who is from Berlin. He is popular for his specialized form of tattooing and here it is.

He uses line work, which is a form of art that uses lines to create the art. But it is not the reason that a lot of people get amazed by his work. The reason is that he designs his artwork using a single unbroken line. It takes a real artist to create something aesthetically pleasing using one unbroken line. It is really amazing to see how crafted his artwork is.

They are not just basic designs, but portraits, animals figures, and things that you will be amazed at when you think of it as something drawn using an unbroken line. He has a lot of people following him on social media platforms with a great interest in his creativity. So, we decided to bring some of them to you listed below. Scroll down to check them out and share your thoughts about them with us in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Mo Ganji | Instagram | Facebook


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