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People Line Up To Be Inked By This Tattooist Who Cannot Draw

To be an identified professional in some art form, you should do something that the other artists doesn’t. Well, the message was to be so good than the rest but one artist got the wrong idea. This article is about a peculiar Tattoo artist who is popular for her ability not being able to draw artistically.

As strange as it sounds, it is true. This artist from Brazil has her shop lined up with clients who want her to ink their skin. Her name is Helen Fernandes and her drawing skills are amazingly terrible. It is so terrible that people find it amusing at the same time, and that is the reason that people want to get a tattoo done by her so much.

As much as tattooing has sunk into modern culture and fashion, the industry has just exploded with its artistry and technology. It is evident with the newer forms of styles and application methods that have surfaced in the last decade itself. Tattooing has been accepted and developed by modern society and this amazing art has flourished ever since. And as weird as fashion and trends can be. Helen’s style of tattooing is also seen as an aesthetic form of drawing even though it is generally seen as scribble art.

So, because of the fame and the attention that this artist has managed to gather on social media. We thought of shining the spotlight on this unusual tattoo artist. Scroll down to check out the awesome work that Helen has done. You can share your thoughts in the comments section as you scroll through this list of funny and awesome tattoos.

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