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Tattoos Of People Who Usually Hide Them In Public

Tattoos have been a taboo culture in the world in the past. Bit by bit it is making its way out to the public while being accepted as a fashion element. But there are still many obstacles that tattoos and people who have tattoos face. Many professional fields still reject visible tattoos which makes people who have them, hide them from the public.

Art on the body does not make a person a criminal or someone bad all out of the blue, but it does make them an art lover and a fashionable person. To bring their voice into the society, photographer Alan Powdrill has done a comparison photoshoot with a number of people who has a lot of their body covered in ‘ink’. The people who are tattooed have been wearing clothes to conceal their body art.

This happens with the negative mindset about tattoos in the world. The people with who Powdrill did the photo shoot, are good parents, citizens, skilled professionals, and geniuses. It is unfair that they are looked through a bad eye when their tattoos are revealed. This British photographer has taken these picture to show the world that these people who are covering themselves up to avoid trouble. They sometimes are more considerate of society than the people who judge them.

So, here are some of the photos that Powdrill has captured on his camera. You can view more of his work through the links mentioned below. Share your thoughts about this matter in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Alan Powdrill | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter


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