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The Delicacy Of A 18th Century Marble Sculpture

Marble have been used by sculptors for centuries. Skilled artists know how to work their way around this solid material which cannot be undone once sculptured. It is truly amazing how artists who sculptured centuries ago managed to finish their work with perfection and finesse. Most of them have expert skills in highlighting the texture, anatomical features and the dynamics.

These factors are seen in an expert level when the II Disinganno is studied. This piece is of an angel who untangles a fisherman who is tangled in his own net. The details are on point, but the extraordinary matter in creating of this piece is that it was done by using one single block of marble! Each knot, the texture of the rope is carefully carved and with expert precision.

#1. “The Release from deception”-1754, by Francesco Queirolo


This piece truly is a masterpiece and projects its meaning using a biblical approach. It shows how an angel relieves a man off his burden of self-deception which is wrapped around him. Freeing the man of his tangled self, while introducing him the Bible which is at his feet shows the love of God channeled through an angel.


Ana Maria Barreto

#3. The Marble net is an extraordinary art which is now carefully preserved at the Sansevero Chapel Museum.

The tale says that it too seven years for Queirolo only to finish the net which even the most experience modern sculptors refuse to touch since they fear it might break.

#4. The Sansevero chapel holds “The Release from deception” along with many other masterpieces.



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