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The Difference Between 'Before & After' Portraits Of Joggers

Everyone in this world has their own appearance when they present themselves to the world. And there is another side to everyone when they are not at their offices or at formal places they have to be.

This was observed by the french photographer Sacha Goldberger, and he had decided to do a photoshoot to capture this difference at the park Bois de Boulogne in Paris. This is one of the biggest and one of the popular parks in Paris, bigger than the New York central park itself. A lot of people come to the park to work out, so this was the best place for this photographer to carry on his photoshoot.

The people who Goldberger got to volunteer for his project were joggers who were tired and exhausted from their jogging. The picture that you will see to the left is the picture that Goldberger captured at the park, at an outdoor studio. You will see the exhaustion and the tiredness in the portraits.

The pictures to the right are captured in an indoor studio where this photographer works. It was taken a week after their initial photo shoot at the park. This time they were properly dressed in formal attire and these set of photos showed the difference that they had from the previous photos.

As you can see below when people go out in formal attire to ‘work’ or any other conscious steeping out. They have their own persona that they present to the world, but in the photos at the park, they do not care to put on that presentation with exhaustion since they come to exercise and don’t care what they look. It is amazing how people behave in society and Goldberger has successfully captured the difference in his camera.

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More info & Photo courtesy: Sacha Goldberger


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