The Historic Duo Madonna And Child Inspire The World Of Art

Art has been inspired from many literature and religious sources in the early stages of our civilization. Art forms were regarded to be reserved to be used in the religious context for a long time before they were used in the public context and for recreation.

In the beginning, as well as a long time after that, all the way to today. A historic duo has always inspired artists of many ages. It is the holy duo of Madonna and the Child. The virgin Mary has been blessed by the Holy Spirit to bear the Son of God even though she was a Virgin. This Mother and Child bond was depicted in art through out thousands of years in the art of Madonna and Child.

#1. A painting of Filippo Lippi

This shows the devotion that Mary had towards God and his holy spirit. With the arrival of the renaissance, a new art form was practiced; realism. During and after the 15th Century, a lot of realism paintings of Madonna and the Child are found.

#2. Jan van Eyck – Madonna in the Church

Also, in the high renaissance period. A number of Italian artists came into the spotlight like Raphael and Michael Angelo. When the art form is compared with the paintings of the beginning of teh renaissance, you can see a clear change in depicting this holy duo.

#3. Raphael – Madonna of the Goldfinch

This duo is also featured in Indo-Islamic cultures as well. During the era of the Moghul Empire, there were paintings done of them as well. So as you can see, these historic figures have inspired the world of art all over the globe.

#4. Single Leaf of the Virgin and Child – Moghul Empire era

#5. Neoclassical France

#6. Modern Art

#7. Allan D’Arcangelo – Madonna and Child


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