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The 'Huge Brushstroke' Art Shows You How The Nature Will Take Over The Urbanization

Art has the power of speaking to your heart. Painting, a visual form of art, tells us stories with just one picture and no words. It is amazing how an artist uses colors to extract specific human emotions and convey a specific message from a picture.

This is another great project that emphasizes how Nature would take over the urbanized world by making it a part of nature. David Ambarzumjan projects his out-of-the-box creativity by creating a double perception in the same painting. He does this by using a ‘giant’ brushstroke right in the middle of the painting which converts into a window that will be illustrated as the other scene he intends to place in the painting.

As he explained My Modern Met, he wanted the viewers of his art to be able to compare both the scenarios in one painting. The very creative cohesion was turned into a series of paintings done by Ambarzumjan and he named it “Brushstrokes in Time”. 

Leaving his amazing talent for this transition aside, his painting ability, to play with the colors in the canvas is exceptional. He creates totally contrasting scenes in one painting and still manages to keep them both together in a bonding manner.

His art work has become very popular among the online community that visits his social media accounts. He wishes that people will get his message of co-existence and that Nature will always find a way. So, to spread the word of his talent, we collected some of his art from the series “Brushstrokes in Time”. Scroll down to go through this amazing list and do not forget to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: David Ambarzumjan | Instagram | Facebook


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