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The Mind-Blowing UV Photoshoot Of Fluorescent Flowers Is Real

This is a totally mind blowing genre of photography that Craig Burrows has presented the world. He captures the fluorescence illumination of the flowers by doing an Ultra-Violet photoshoot. This very strange photoshoot was done by using commonly found flowers in the environment. These flowers do have a fluorescence illumination but it is not enough to bounce off for the naked eye to catch and also the Ozone layer keeps almost all the UV rays from entering our atmosphere on Earth.

To get a visible shot of this very colorful side of these flowers, Burrows use a special UV light and a very specific lens to capture these colors. The lens is the type which they use to investigate crime scenes that can pickup very sensitive differences on the surfaces. To get even a more popping effect, he placed his subjects in front of a very dark background.

The result of his work, are very colorful pictures of these every day flowers that we see. The petals, pollen and even some stems glow in fluorescent colors in a way that you have never seen them before. You can visit Burrows’ website to check out more of his amazing work in photography and also to get some technical skills that he use to get these photoshoots done.

We have listed some photos of the flowers that he captured in his UV photoshoot. You can scroll down to check out them and comment down your ideas in the comments sections as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: Craig Burrows | Flickr | Instagram| Facebook| Twitter | Tumblr | Blog


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