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The New Minimalist Tattoo Trend Along The Ear Lobes Is The Latest Hype

Being an artist takes a lot of creativity and also focus to make it a reality. Even though some of these art forms could undo, erase or easily start over if they go wrong, there are several art forms that cannot do it. Tattooing is one of those art forms. You have to be precise with your design, placements and skills of application.

When tattooing is already something that should be done with a lot of precision and also the fact that it is done on real human skin, it is really tricky and hard to create new styles time to time. But as always, art and creativity finds a way. Here is the latest tattoo trend that is in town, this style of tattooing earns its specialty due to its placement. Done by Zihee, a Korean tattoo artist, it is placed on the edges of the ear lobe. Yes, you read it right, you might wonder how does it even work. But, artists use minimalist and really delicate art work to fit the space in a really aesthetic manner. This Korean artist mostly use designs that are mostly minimalistic flowers which are colored. His levels of precision shows off Zihee‘s work by the perfect art application and the color blends on a such macro scale.

His work has been the new hot trend in town and also on the social media platforms. A lot of people drop in to his Instagram profile to check out his latest work. We have listed some of his creative work down in this article. You can scroll down to check it out as you upvote your favourite art work to the top. Please share your ideas with us down in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Zihee


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