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The outcome of a cartoonist drawing herself in 100 different cartoon styles is remarkably accurate

Some cartoons have such distinctive aesthetics, a unique “feel,” that viewers may recognize them right away. In order to draw oneself in 100 self-portraits, cartoonist Kevin McShane opted to imitate some of the most cherished and well-known cartoons.

Cartoons used to be almost like a religion, but we don’t know what the youngsters are doing these days. Since they were exclusively shown on television, you occasionally had to skip class in order to see them or get up early on Saturdays and Sundays in order to catch all of your favorites. I may infer that he was one of these kids based on the amazing recreations of cartoon styles that this artist has created.

The detail in Kevin’s drawings is astounding; he manages to convey the essence of each cartoon in a single, straightforward self-portrait. It must have been enjoyable to do the research! It is 2 AM, Kevin. Why are you chewing on Cheetos while watching old episodes of Snorks on the couch?


If you scroll down to see Kevin’s fantastic self-portraits in 100 different cartoon art forms, you just might discover your new favorite!